About us

Farming of the winery
Our family started the wine-making and wine-growing activities at the beginning of the 1960s. Since then our wine-growing area has been increasing: by now the area has been increased to 9 ha by purchasing new areas surrounding the wine-press house. Parts of the new area were re-planted in 1981, 1998, 2000 and 2003. The increase in the area demanded a technological development as well as renovation and extension concerning the cellar and the processing-room, which lasted until 1998. Now the total area of the fermenting tub, storage tank, and bottling-room exceeds 800 m2. The cellar area has grown to 270 m², and the storing capacity has grown to 700 hl. Rentable wine cellars are available in the newly built cellar area. These dimensions and technological developments are ideal for a modern, but still familiar winery.

The Fekete Wine Cellar is located  in the heart of the Iván-valley, one of the most valuable areas of the Szekszárd wine region. The cellar has been founded in 1961, and it operates as a family enterprise. The Kerek-hill, Decsi-hill and Nagy Mihály-valley vineyards, owned by the winery posess extraordinary quality. And after all grape is the soul of wine. Preserving the ecosystem and biodiversity of the lands belonging to the winery during the farming process is a key issue for the winery. It uses the 600 years old traditional manual pigeage techniques of the Szekszárd wine region (open fermentation tanks, hand pigeage and hand maceration, for kadarka new oaken barrels are never used for aging) supplemented with modern equipment and procedures.

Wines of the winery

You can find the most favoured local wine types among the winery’s red wines: kadarka, kékfrankos, zweigelt from the so called Carpathian basin types, and cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot and shiraz from the so called french-world types.Our white wines cover a wide spectrum even on a global level: not only do we have white kadarka we also produce olaszrizling, chardonnay, late harvest tramini and cserszegi fűszeres as well. The  winery also produces various kinds of rosés and schiller wines from year to year. Among our red wine blends you can find the ’’Bikavér’’ (bull’s blood) and a classic Bordeaux cuvée (Leticia), as well as wines of unique composition and taste: the Patikárius (aphotecarian) is made of 6 different kinds of wine, and the Mókamester (Jester), that is made of a blend of shiraz and cabernet sauvignon.

Awards and recognitions of the winery

Wine competitions

The winery won 2 gold medals at the 2008 Monde Selection Bruxelles with its 2003 and 2004 Cabernet sauvignons. In 2013the 2009, in 2014 the 2011 cabernet sauvignon collection earned the gold medal at the Challange du Vin in Bordeaux. The 2011 Hungarian National Wine Contest (Országos Borverseny) the 2008 Shiraz and the 2007 Cabernet sauvignon collections were awarded with the golds. At the 2011 Szekszárd Wine Region Wine Contest the 2007 Kadarka earned the „Best kadarka of the wine region” title.


At the 2013 Rosé red wines thest of the National Wine Excellence Program the 2009 cabernet sauvignon selection earned a 4 star (excellent wine) qualification. In the 2014 October ’’TOP100 Wines” qualification test of Népszabadság, the 2011 cabernet sauvignon selection earned ’’Red Wine of the Year’’ title. At the contest of the Bor és Piac magazine in 2015, the Fekete Winery earned the title “The Most Beautiful Smallhold of Hungary”. Besides the winery and the vineyards the jury also took the quality of the wines, the hospitality, event organization, and marketing activities into account during evaluation.

Magazine tests

Wines of the winery regularly appear on contests in VinCE, Bor és Piac, Borigo and Pécsi Borozó magazines. The 2009 cabernet sauvignon selection earned a 4th place at the 2013 september Iconic Wines contest (Hungarian Top Wines test) with 4 stars (excellent wine) ranking at VinCE magazine.

The winery’s participation at wine events and festivals

Every year the winery takes part in major indoor wine tasting events of the significant Budapest hotels (Borjour Magnum, VinCE Budapest, KávéBár Bazár, Kékfrankos Grand Tasting, Szekszárd Wine region’s introduction in Budapest, Spring and Autumn Winegarden, Bordeaux Blend Grand Tasting, Márton day wine festival), and it is present in the cities of the country (Szeged, Győr, Szombathely, Debrecen) at various wine and gastronomy festivals from early spring to the winter holiday fairs.

Events of the winery

The winery is open all year for all wine loving guests who seek leisure, entertainment. Tasty food, chocolates fine tuned to harmonize the wines, and a wide range of services, in addition to authentic wine tasting all await in the scenic Iván valley. Besides these we offer these unique programs and events:

Wine tasting half-marathon - 21 item wine tasting experience
A deliriously sweet day - A public tasting of foods and drinks made with wine
Gourmet wine dinner - A wine dinner with courses harmonized with wines for gourmets.
Magical nights - Cultural programs with wine tasting and guest performers, and wine experts